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Dear Minists. As everyone, Classe Mini is facing a difficult period. Against this virus, we are trying to organize ourselves


⚠️ PRIORITY : respect de new rules of the gouvernments
Our super team has been teleworking since Monday !
The office is closed but you can call the usual number or send us emails ☎️

⛵️ SEASON 2020 vs Covid-19 🦠 no races and no qualification off-race will take place until the autoritys give the go-ahead. However, we hope you will be able to spend a lot of time sailing this year, to enjoy your mini-boat.

💡The Classe Mini is working with organizers and race directors to find the best solution, depending of the moment you will be allowed to go back sailing 🏁

Right now, we can not give you precise answers but we will propose you the appropriate alternatives when the crisis will be over.

Meanwhile : take care of you, of your family and friends, stay home as much as possible.

The Classe Mini and all concerned are workingto find solutions…