2019 Mini-Transat La Boulangère


As announced during the General Assembly, we have consulted Lamberigts cargo service (whith whom we collaborated during the previous edition) for the 2019 Mini-Transat La boulangère.

Following several weeks of discussions, we have reached an agreement and have decided to go with them again.

Those skippers who are registered in the Mini-Transat will be contacted soon regarding this subject.

Respecting the rules


Yes, there are a lot of rules (too many?). And yes, it is sometimes easy to bend them, but remember that these rules only exist for your safety and to ensure fair play between all of you.

We all enjoy the "mini" the atmosphere that exists on the pontoons, so it would be a shame to mar this with an "unsociable"attitude :-)

FYI/reminder, rules are available on the Guide Mini and/or on the Classe mini website.

2019 Official texts

Meeting of the board on May, 11th 2019


Your board of directors met last Saturday, May, 11th.

You'll find the minutes below.

Download the minutes

2019 Season - Second part

Measurement calendar

You have a new production boat? Made changes on your prototype? You've entered the Mini and the last stability test was more than 2 years ago?

All very good reasons to sign up for a measurement session!

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