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The board of directors

The council of administrators

The administrator's council is made of 11 volunteers, most of them competitors or former competitors.

The subscribers elect them during the General Assembly. With the passing of two years, this council tries to make the minis safer without losing the attractive and innovating side of the boats. To achieve that, rules are modified to answer the questions asked during the General Assembly as well as during the entire year.

The administrator's council contributes to the dynamics of the Classe Mini in France as much as in foreign countries. Every year, the races program is getting more and more important to make a coherent calendar but also to hustle the habits and attract new competitors.

The 2017 Administrators

The 2017 Council of Adminsitrators and the Classe Mini secretaries
The 2017 Council of Adminsitrators and the Classe Mini secretaries

Since 2000, the members of te Board of administrators have been elected for 2 years byt the Classe mini members. 

During the General Assembly of December 3rd 2016 in Paris Sébastien Pébelier, Anna Corbella, Victor Turpin, Davy Beaudart and Ludovic Méchin have been elected for the first time.

They join Lucas MontagneArmand de Jacquelot, Ian Lipinski, Nicolas d'Estais, Yann Claverie and François Jambou who ave been elected the former year.

Many thanks to Amaury François, David Raison, François Denis, Elise Bakhoum and Nikki Curwen for the job done during their mandate and the time spent for the Classe Mini.

The 2017 Board and Committees

President: Lucas Montagne
Vice President: Sébastien Pébelier
Treasurer: Yann Claverie
Secretary: Nicolas D'Estais
HR : Davy Beaudart

The Committees in 2017 : 

  • Technical Committee : Armand de Jacquelot (reporter), Nicolas d'Estais, Ian Lipinski, Davy Beaudart (Lucas Montagne, Sébastien Pébelier). 
  • Qualification Committee : Ludovic Méchin (reporter), Ian Lipinski, François Jambou, Anna Corbella (Lucas Montagne, Sébastien Pébelier).
  • Races/calendar Committee : Yann Claverie (reporter), Davy Beaudart, Anna Corbella, Victor Turpin, François Jambou (Lucas Montagne, Sébastien Pébelier).
  • Communication Committee : Victor Turpin, Davy Beaudart (Lucas Montagne, Sébastien Pébelier).

To contact the secretaries or the administrator's council


Open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (9h-12h - 14h-17h) except during races.

+33 (0) 954 54 83 18

Camille Croguennec
- Skype: cam.croguennec
- Cel.: +33 (0) 603 82 25 64

Annabelle Moreau
- Skype: classeminiannabelle
- Cel.: +33 (0) 663 19 06 50

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