Training / formation center


If you are a manger or a member of a training centre, do not hesitate to contact us and send us information regarding sailing/theoretical training offered.

Pôle Mini Roscoff

Place: Roscoff (29-FRA)



Number of spots: 15

Requirements for access: Have a Mini project and a races programme + Be FFVoile member. 

Costs and services details: Pontoon/catway mooring at Bloscon port at public price - 25%. Water/electricity
Training 300€/day + rib fuel shared between the skippers present at training.



Training season: From the beginning of October to the end of February.

Training frequency / Nb of days per year: 8 week-ends (2 days) + 2 4-day trainings i.e 24 training sessions.

Coach: Damien Cloarec

Programme dedicated for proto/production boats: No dedicated programme for proto/production boats. 

Theoretical classes: Yes



Boat storage facilities:

Crane service: one free crane service per month. 

Equipment storage: Yes (container VBM)

Technical hall: Yes if needed (VBM)

Languages spoken: Training in French but English spoken skippers welcomed


Location and contact details


Address: Port de Bloscon 29680 Roscoff

Contact: Jacques Le Guern - +33(0)6 80 56 84 65

Various information 


The Pôle Mini Roscoff is supported by Voile Baie de Morlaix Association. The coordination Skippers/Voile Baie de Morlaix/CCIMBO is ensured by a VBM referent.
Created last year with 4 regular skippers, there have been already 6 skippers at the start at the season and will be growing with the arrival of 2 new boats in mid-November and 5 more skippers in early January.

The training conditions in the magnificient and demanding Bay of Morlaix and under the leadership of Damien Cloarec are a guarantee of rapid development.

On the training program: weather forecast, seamanship, electricity / electronics, performance analysis, preparation of road books for the season's races.

e-mail :
Voile Baie de Morlaix

Centre d'entrainement Course au Large Douarnenez

Place: Douarnenez (29-FRA)

Douarnenez Courses is developping a training and incubation center for sports projects linked to offshore racing, in Mini - Figaro Bénéteau - IRC and Class40, based on an ecosystem of skills and knowledge. 
The navigation and training area in Iroise Sea offers various and safe sailing conditions. 




Requirements for access: 

  • Have a 3-year offshore racing project
  • Participate at least in a +250nm race per year
  • Be present at more than 50% of the trainings 
  • Up-to-date FFVoile license (or equivalent for foreign skippers) and boat complying with the regulations and measurement rules. 
  • Pay the training center services
  • Pay the Treboul harbour


Costs and services details: 

  • Management of the training center by a professional
  • Supervised training on the water and theoretical and technical training by experienced people
  • Individual offshore racing projects follow-up
  • Collaborative and supportive functioning with exchnage of experience
  • Training sessions programme made to meet the constraints of as many people as possible



Programme 2021: September - October
- Establishment of the training center
- Work around individual projects
- 3 training weekends included a start-up
- Training sessions
- Preparation for winter maintenance
   Rate: 300 euros

Programme 2022

Period 1: january to March
- 1 start-up weekend
- Preparation of the season - individual projects
- 7 training weekends
   Rate: 800 euros

Period 2: April to September
- 7 days of training
- 1 perfecting course
- 1 long race course
- Training sessions
   Rate: 800 euros

Period 3: October to November
- 3 training weekends
- Season report
- Preparation for winter maintenance
- Trainin sessions
   Rate: 300 euros


Training sessions will be planned according to the need and availability of the candidates. 
Example of organization:
Session 1:
* Navigation in Mini
* General weather situation
* Manage your race from registration to the prize giving ceremony
* Racing rules
* Measurement rules and safety
Session 2:
* Routing
* General electricity 
* Emergency electricity / Diagnostics
Session 3: 
* Composite onshore
* Rigging
* Sails (types, shapes, settings)
Session 4:
* Coastal weather
* Offshore strategy 
* Sailboat physics
Session 5:
* Before the transat
* Sail repair at sea
* Pharmacy
* Weather at sea




Boat storage facilities: The boats can have a berth in Treboul harbour from January to April and from September to December at the 2021 indicative price: 
  - January - February - March - October - November - December: 121.60 euros/month - 2 paying months out of 3
   - April and September: 185.34/month
   - No berth in May, June, July and August due to races and nautical events. 
Onland secure storage possibility in Douarnenez via Marine Service (inside: 4€/m²/month - outside: 3€/m²/month).

Crane service: the cranes are managed by the marina - appointment to be made directly with the port (landing/launching : 22 euros).

Equipment storage: Possibility of sails and small equipment storage available on quotation.


Address & Contact


Address: Douarnenez Courses - Quai de l'Yser 29100 Douarnenez

Contact: Kévin Bloch - +336.

e-mail :

Pôle Mini 6.50 La Rochelle

Place: La Rochelle (17-FRA)


Number of spots: 30

Requirements for access: Selection based on application (dossier), performance project = competitive boat + diligent skipper, team spirit 

Costs and services details: Coaching navigations, manoeuvres, boat tuning, sails development, project follow-up, experience and data sharing inside the group, roadbook & routing for races. Price : 1500€ per skipper per year (from January to December)


Training season: From January to December

Training frequency / Nb of days per year: 50 days + offshore courses 24/48h

Coaches: Julien Pulvé (Mini Transat 2013 and 2015)

Programme dedicated for proto/production boats: Protos and production boats

Theoretical classes: Creation of Mini project (legal and financial), sleep management (specilist doctor), nutrition, physical training, mast climbing in solitary, rigging, stratification, meteo and strategy lessons...


Boat storage facilities: afloat and on land

Crane service: Self service crane (authorization to validate, training duration: 1/2 day, price 60€, validity 5 years)

Equipment storage: 2 secure containers availabe (included)

Technical hall: No

Languages spoken: French, English and Spanish

Location and contact details

Address: la Rochelle - port des Minimes

Contact(s): - Julien Pulvé : +336 61 33 64 48
Facebook page Pôle Mini 6.50 La Rochelle 

Various information 

Access to the premises of the Pôle France Voile La Rochelle : meeting rooms, fitness room, on-site doctor, high level access.

e-mail :

Pôle Mini Ouistreham

Place: Ouistreham (14-FRA)


Number of spots: 12

Requirements for access: Be a member of the Société des Régates de Caen-Ouistreham + Signature of a contract with a project and a race programme + Be a FFVoile member

Costs and services details: Association membership : 100€ / Berth and training : 900€


Training season: From Fébruary to October

Training frequency / Nb of days per year: 12 days + Offshore trainings

Coaches: Roland Ventura

Programme dedicated for proto/production boats: No dedicated programme for proto/production boats

Theoretical classes: Yes


Boat storage facilities: 

Crane service: available nearby 

Equipment storage: Yes

Technical hall: Yes

Languages spoken: French, English, Italian

Location and contact details

Address: Quai Eric Tabarly 14150 Ouistreham

Contact(s): Guy Beaudouin +336 76 15 17 89


Various information 

The Pôle Mini de Ouistreham is the only training center located in the English Channel, it is the closest from Paris and offers ttraining crossing the Channel and near the English coasts. 

La Turballe Course au Large

Place: La Turballe (44-FRA)


Number of spots: 23

Requirements for access: Having a serious project and basic knowledge in navigation. Willing to participate in regularly in training sessions, in the association's life and in Mini races. 

Costs and services details: Skipper's membership : 280€/year
Training pack (training sessions, follow up during navigations and qualifications, race preparation & routages) : 550€/year
Sport coaching (3 sessions/week in person or online) : 50€/month


Training season: All year long

Training frequency / Nb of days per year: Around 50 days/year

Coaches: Mister Hervé Aubry and his high quality RIB boat for training!

Programme dedicated for proto/production boats: Training sessions adpated to all levels

Theoretical classes: Sport, mental coaching, sleep, nutrition, electronics, composite, meteorology, rope work, medical, sails, routage and strategy.


Boat storage facilities: shipyard (rolling cradle or trailer)

Crane service: Self service crane 7/7 24h

Equipment storage: Available soon

Technical hall: Available soon

Languages spoken: French and English

Location and contact details

Address: La Turballe Course au Large - Port de Plaisance - 44420 La Turballe

Contact(s): Vincent Lancien (President) +336 42 70 74 58

Various information 

This training center is an association created in 2016, where every one takes part in it to ensure the best functioning possible. All the members work together to share competences, experiences and 'know how'. The first objective is to create a solid group, then to bring everyone to perfomance. 
Trainings are held during weekends, most of the skippers have a full time job aside the project.
This structure is affiliated to the French Sailing Federation (FFVoile). 

The training center has strong conections with the Marina of La Turballe, which is very friendy and heplful with the association. The center has technical partnerships with shipchandlers, and all kind of boat work professionals (electricity, sails, ropework,welders, etc).
The members also have a partnership with a camping that allows them to access housing facilities from Octobrer to April.

Centre d'entrainement Mini 6.50 de Concarneau

Place: Concarneau (FRA)


Number of spots: 15

Requirements for access: Minimum 1000NM in races per year including at least one 500NM race + Being 100% autonomous + Attendance at trainings

Costs and services details: 1000€ per year


Training season: January to April

Training frequency / Nb of days per year: 1 day/weekend + 2 6-day clinics in March and April

Coaches: François Jambou

Programme dedicated for proto/production boats: Production boats - Open to prototypes if more 3 boats

Theoretical classes: Yes


Boat storage facilities: Berth included. Yard/Land storage not included (Port la Forêt or Concarneau 100€/month)

Crane service: 60€ each handling

Equipment storage: Possible (40€/month)

Technical hall: No

Languages spoken: Training sessions in French but open to English speakers

Location and contact details

Address: Concarneau harbour


e-mail :
FB page

Base Mini Barcelona - FNOB

Place: Barcelona (ESP)


Number of spots: 16

Requirements for access: Partipation to 1 race per year minimum + 70% attendance at trainings + Boat with equipment for C-level races minimum

Costs and services details: membership - 250€/year + 100€/month for boat cradle spot (taxes not included)


Training season: September to March

Training frequency / Nb of days per year: 2 weekends per month

Coaches: Anna Corbella, Oriol Pujol, others

Programme dedicated for proto/production boats: Production boats & prototypes

Theoretical training: Yes


Boat storage facilities: Land-storage (cradle) included, in the water for 7€/day

Crane service: Private crane available to members

Equipment storage: container (1 to share)

Technical hall: Yes

Languages spoken: Spanish, Catalan

Location and contact details

Address: Moll de levant 1, 08039 Barcelona

Contact(s): Anne Corbella / Oriol Pujol
+34 935 57 97 00

e-mail :
Website Base Mini Barcelona FNOB