Classe Mini Info 11

New organizer and new name for the Open Sail
Results of the Trophée Marie Agnès Péron

The name and harbour of the Open Sail change
New organizer for the convoying race, after the Open Sail, organized by Yves Niort, the Winches Club continus this summer race, renamed Open Navi-Ouest. Start july, thursday 23th from Douarnenez.

The course should be : Start from Douarnenez, Belle Ile on starbord, Yeu Island on port and finish at Port Bourgenay. Arrival plans from friday, 24th (evenning) at Port Bourgenay.

For competitors who are registererd, the files will be sent at the Winches Club. Cheque no encashed will be send at the Classe Mini by the Open Sail and returned during the welcome period at Douarnenez. Registrations payed by transfer to the Open Sail will be payed back by transfer.

A new registration will be done with the Winches Club. A new notice of race and registration form are available on line from june, 20th.

Classe Mini will call up on the telephone skippers registered at the Open Sail  and they will send documents directly by mail.

More information : Winches Club of Douarnenez - Maison du Nautisme Quai de l’Yser - 29100 Douarnenez - France
Tel : +332 98 74 38 05

Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron 2009, results

Prototypes :
1 – S. Le Diraison (FRA 679 – Cultisol – Marins sans Frontière)
2 – S. Marsset (FRA 260 – Association Véole)
3 – T. Ruyant (FRA 667 – Faber France)

Production boats :
1 – S. Rogues (FRA 552 – Eole Génération / GDF Suez)
2 – T. Reinhart (FRA 576 – Delasia)
3 – F. Lobato (POR 607 – Roff / TMN)

All the results here.