Boat show of Paris and general meeting

Appointments to Paris!

The General meeting of the Classe Mini will be held in Paris on December 4th, at the Boat Show.


Like every year, it is at the "Nautic", Boat Show of Paris that the Classe Mini organise its general meeting. Behind the boat show (10min walk from the hall 1), members will gather for the review of the season, debates on current topics and preparation of the next season.

It is also the departure of certain administrators, and election of news, to create the board 2011.

The Classe Mini will be hosted at the boat show on the Grand Pavois Organisation area from 4th to 7th. Thanks to G.P.O. !
It is also on this place that will be communicated the harbor of arrival  and date of the start of the Charente-Maritime Bahia Transat 6,50 2011.
Registrations for the race wii begin at that time also.

Appointments are launched in Paris !

Note : the exact time of the general meeting will be communicate in the notice sent to the members.