January 2022


Special news

Classe Mini rules are changing.

If it questions you, if it worries you, if it makes you nervous:

Here is a short summary of important information in order to be perfectly in order for your first race and not miss anything important during the registration process.

Be careful !

In this document you will not find the official texts, they are the ones that are authentic.
It’s your responsibilty to consult them (here in particular).
In this document, we just point out certain new features/rules for you to know.


We now authorize 6 sails instead of 7.

You will have to announce in advance the sails with which you will race. We made it simple, you announce a configuration for your first race. If no change for the following, you have nothing to do.

For production boats, the authorized materials and the cut of the solents are the subject of a new rule (S-17-n3).

We thought about the sails that have already been used, you can race with them.
We also thought of the few new sails for 2021 that have not yet been used during a race, you can use them as well, and this from 2022 in order to be able to use them in 2023 ! (Go read the texts. Yes, it is noticed indeed !)

Wind captors and arms (THE hot topic!)

Basically, no worries.

For now you can stay with your boat in its current configuration; the new rule comes into effect from 2023.

Read the rule and if you need to change your configuration, think about the most relevant time for you to do so.

Simple, Basic.

Order of preferences, registrations and PUNITIONS

Are you still wading on the subject?

Do not hesitate to read the guide that the Classe Mini sent on January 3, it is all well explained in it.

Be careful !

Once the main and waiting lists are established, there is still work to be done for you.

You have to remember one thing: we are waiting for you to confirm your participation or to cancel early enough so that all the motivated can sail.

We want races that go full force!

2 important cases:

• Are you on the main list? Good Job!
You must still confirm your participation by email at least 15 days before departure.
• Are you on the waiting list? Do not give up !
You will still have to cancel as soon as possible if you do not intend to be ready.

Be careful !

We have set up penalties if we don't hear from you (read the official texts carefully). We don't want to apply penalties but... you get to our point...

Our friends, the protos

There are now spots reserved for Protos during the pre-season races (if you are ok with the preference lists, you know what we mean…)

Be careful. Change of dates for the Mini en Mai

Last info, the Mini en Mai has been postponed by one week, departure on May 17th.

If you had planned to work or spend time with your family that week, a member of the Board will come to work for you, or babysit your children.

Just kidding, but don't forget to update your calendar!

Races / Covid

Info : vaccine pass

We do not know yet the protocol that will be applied to access the 2022 competitions but according to the lastest French law, it's very likely that the health pass, previously requested, will no longer be sufficient and the vaccine pass will be compulsory.

La Classe Mini

Composition / Functioning

For those who do not know yet, the Classe Mini is a non-profit assocation.

It is managed by a Board of Directors made of 14 volunteers (11 voters and et 3 substitutes). These administrators, elected during the general assembly represent all the membres with the various institutions and organisations. Its purpose is to ensure the sustainablity of the association, to allow as many people as possible to navigate safely... (see the articles of the association here).

The boars is also assisted by 2 measurers, also volunteers, Nellie and Joël whom you'll quickly meet on the pontoons :-) to measure the boats, stamp the sails, ensure the compliance of the boat....

Finally, the association has 2 employees, Camille and Annabelle who try to make the link between everyone and are your main interlocutor.

If you have a question, a specific demand, the only offical way is to send an email to the secretariat.

We try to answer as quickly as possible but ask in advance for your understanding if we take some time to answer. Indeed, as said above, the board is made up of volunteers. Some decisions require several dicussions, and this, in the free time of the administrators. All decisions are voted by majority and it's not always easy to agree everyone's opinion!

Any questions ?

Don't hesitate to get information and ask questions to the members of the Board. We're here for that!

Did you forget who's in the board? Look over here !