Sustainable Development Committee

Who are they?

In December of last year, the 6.50 Ecology Committee began reflecting upon ways and ideas in which our Class could become a source of innovation in the field of sustainable development.

This Committee is charged with searching for, and promoting, concrete solutions that can be applied to the Mini 6.50 specificities. This work is being carried out in collaboration with the association LA VAGUE.

The basis for our reflections was the response to the ’Ecology’ questionnaire that was sent to our 2020 members. This resulted in an analysis of the suggestions, the adjudged relevance thereof , the symbolic value and the cost to ratio of implementation/impact . The first propositions were submitted to the Board on the 22nd of February.

Launched parallel to this was an LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) study in partnership with Mer Concept and Quantis. The goal is to study the full environmental impact of a particular project such as a ‘podium/performance goal ’ on a production boat, or ’ adventure’ on a production boat, ‘podium/performance’ on a proto etc To this end, the objective is to explore potential avenues for improvement in terms of sustainable development in our sport.

This committee comprises 23 members but is open to all on request ( ou

We’ll keep you informed of its progress on a regular basis.

Any thoughts/modifications are welcome.

Meeting of the board on April, 24th 2021


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Guide Mini

Amendment #1

With the first safety checks in the beginning of the season, you let us know that some of our texts did not respect the OSR and/or were not clear enough for all. You will therefore find an amendment to the Guide Mini clarifying the following points:

- E-9-C: recovery line should not be the floating line of the recovery sling.

- E-14-a-c: new text on protection of internal connection only concerns the assembly of lithium batteries.

Download amendment #1

2021 Measurement session


At the request of many, here is (finally :-)) the measurement calendar for the end of the season.

So, if your boat needs to be measured (proto, production boat in the process of ratification....) please make an appointment!

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