End of a successful season

How can we sum up this season which has been pretty extraordinary to say the very least?

When the start of the season was forced to a grinding halt in March, nobody knew for certain whether any of the planned 2020 races would even take place. But thanks to the unwavering determination of the board , loyal organisers and the support of various sailing federations ( FFVoile in particular) we were able to put together the most all-round calendar possible (albeit condensed – 11 races between August 1 and November 10!).

The weather pitched in and played its part and the race directors/organisers' routing softwares were not idle :meaning safe courses were on offer all within a reasonable timeframe to the various competitors (50% of the races were re-routed/ modified).

There was a disappointing turnout for the Calvados Cup, which for its first edition had already encountered numerous issues namely a very tight calendar, bad weather pre- and during the race, but there is absolutely no doubt that the 8 crew present appreciated the welcome and motivation of the Deauville Yacht Club members and we hope to return in large numbers very soon.

Despite all these hurdles, you have been 221 skippers accumulating 154 922 NM this year, and we greatly appreciate all your patience and continued motivation!


2020 Champions

When we talk races, we talk competition and since competition also rhymes with winners, here are the winners in the various 2020 rankings.

Irina Gracheva in proto and Léo Debiesse in series 2020 winners of the Championnat de France

With the cancellation of the Pornichet Sélect and the new format of the Les Sables - Les Açores - Les Sables race we (alongside the aid of FFVoile) were forced to adapt the regulations of the 2020 Championnat de France which subsequently took place over three legs: Les Sables - Les Açores en Baie de Morlaix, the Mini in Mai and the Trophée-Marie-Agnès Péron.

A Double first for the proto winner. Indeed, for the first time since its creation in 2012, a female was crowned champion with a win for Irina Gracheva. It was also the first time a Russian stood on the top step of the podium. Emmanuel Renaud and Stéphan Guérin completed the podium.

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As for the series, in his first year on the mini circuit Léo Debiesse blew the competition out of the water, closely followed by Jean-Marie Jézéquel and Hugo Picard.

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It should be noted that Irina, like Jean-Marie, whose boats suffered major damage during the Duo Concarneau race, procured boats of the same category in order to participate in the Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron. Not just proof of the members' interest in this Championship but also a clear demonstration of the famous "mini spirit" that we love so much. Thanks to Rémy Hubscher (proto 433) and Dominique Appéré (Serie 1016) for allowing both Irina and Jean-Marie to secure their places.

See the 2020 regulations here

Irina and Léo also winners of the Mini ranking

Every competitor who takes part in an official Mini Calendar race will appear in the annual ranking. In order to be well placed in this annual ranking, a skipper has to participate in an optimum number of races and obtaining the best results possible.

Prototypes ranking

1 – Irina Gracheva
3 – Ambrogio Beccaria
2 – Fabio Muzzolini

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Series ranking

1 – Léo Debiesse
2 – Jean-Marie Jézéquel
3 – Hugo Picard

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See the Mini ranking rules

Josep Costa and Federico Waksman winners of the Mediterranean ranking

The Mediterranean ranking is based on the same principle as the mini ranking, except that only Mediterranean races are taken into consideration.

Proto ranking

1 – Josep Costa
2 – Joël-Henri Manneville
3 – Matteo Sericano

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Series ranking

1 – Federico Waksman
2 – Alberto Riva
3 – Giammarco Sardi

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12 "Good performer" winners for 5 races

It’s no secret that the mini fleet is a heterogeneous one! But having a "less competitive" boat does not prevent skippers from fighting and from sailing remarkably good races. This is why we have introduced a new trophy from this season onwards. So, during official the prize giving ceremonies, the official winner of each category awards a "good perf" sticker to that competitor who, according to him / her, has proven themselves a worthy competitor in an older- generation boat.

Protos winners

Les sables-Les Açores en Baie de Morlaix leg2: Thomas Grandin (138)
Les sables-Les Açores en Baie de Morlaix leg3: Tim Darni (432)
Mini en Mai: Pierre Moizan (630)
Duo Concarneau: Charlie Vallée / Matthieu Chanu (265)
Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron: Arno Biston (551)

Series winners

Les sables-Les Açores en Baie de Morlaix leg 2: Pierre Meilhat (485)
Les sables-Les Açores en Baie de Morlaix leg3: Hugo Lauras (512)
Mini en Mai: Mathis Le Pallier (527)
Duo Concarneau: Julien Monot/Damien Cloarec (589)
Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron: Benoit Le Guennec (892)

Respect the organisers

Show up to the prize giving ceremony !

Seeing as without the race organisation there would be no race and because the prize giving ceremony as well as the pre-race period are still both part of the race, we are saddened to see the many absentees at various prizegiving events. We are aware that the timing was very tight, but it is also an integral manner of thanking the organisers and their partners for their efforts and thus making the events sustainable. We are counting on all of you next season !

Production boat mini rules


During the various checks this season, we noticed that certain production boat equipment did not meet the rules. We therefore remind you that carbon is not authorised on production boats. This includes the fittings, even if the carbon is not "structural" (furlers without mentioning any names). While we have been tolerant at the start of some races, this will no longer be the case from next season. No production boat will be allowed to participate in an official race with a furler (or other element not authorised by the production boat mini rule) comprising carbon and which has been brought to our attention.

2020 General Assembly


Given the cancellation of the Nautic and the new lockdown in France, it is out of the question to consider holding our annual general assembly in December. The Board of Directors has therefore decided to postpone this AGM to January2021 at the earliest. Date and conditions (face-to-face or online) to be determined (upon receipt of invitation and dependant on any current health situation).

Farewell the artist!

Some words are more difficult to write than others. It is also impossible to not say goodbye to you PF (Pierre-François Bonneau) You, as you were, such a part of the mini family.

Referee in the 90s, organiser of the Mini '99 you returned early in 2010 as an editor, because, like us, you loved minists and listening to their stories. Only you knew how to share them with your pen/computer with such great respect.

We will miss you.

Thank you for all these shared moments, all our thoughts are with your family.

Fair winds to you

If like us, you would to pay a last tribute to PF, then please donate to SOS Méditerranée


The end of the year is also the period for the search for sponsors, so for those who can no longer find the video, here is the link to the file again. To be watched/downloaded and broadcast with no restriction.

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