Thank You


Dear Classe Mini member / friend

Following the evolution of the World Sailing rules imposing to embark a sat phone for OSR races of category 1 (A level races for Classe Mini), we sent a request for a derogation. This one being about to be refused, you managed to show a massive support to our approach, especially thanks to your shares on the social networks. We thank you for it.

Then, we have proposed an alternative solution to the FFVoile which is compatible with the safety concern that we dearly hold, while keeping intact our way of sailing. We have proposed to use the trackers to send and receive text messages to/from the Race Direction only. Thus, possible distress situation will be easier to determine and support from the rescue teams will be more efficient. These YB3 trackers are already onboard the Mini for A level races, as well as many of the B and C level races.

The Executive Board of the FFVoile has granted us this derogation providing the addition of a second tracker onboard in order to separate their use: one for the tracking itself and the other one to communicate with the race direction, only in case of distress. The use of this system will of course mean a withdrawal or disqualification of the races, as they remain without assistance.

Thus, there will be a second tracker for the 2018 edition of the race Les Sables – Les Açores – Les Sables, this will result in an increase of the entry fees by 100 € per boat. For the FFVoile, this race will used as an experiment of this system to validate this derogation for the year 2019 and beyond.

We thank you for your support in the process and for having relayed our message. You have allowed us to gain credibility towards the federation and to be listened in order to find a solution.

We sincerely hope that this solution, which allows us to continue sailing with no sat phone suits you all.

See you very soon on the pontoons

The Classe Mini board of directors, Annabelle and Camille.