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Mini rules

The underlined red sections indicate the changes compared with the previous issue.

The Mini Rules and Mini Rules for Production Boats include information on measurements and what in general is checked during the measurement sessions.

In case of a discrepancy between the French and the English version, the French version of this Guide shall prevail. 

Class Measurement - 2015 edition

Joel Gaté - official measurer of the Classe Mini
Joel Gaté - official measurer of the Classe Mini

Inspection meetings will be scheduled during the year. It is incumbent upon each skipper to ask Classe Mini for the dates of the inspection meetings and to book an appointment for one of them.


All unmeasured boats or any boats measured but modified on any inspection point effecting the measurement (especially prototype boats) must be inspected at one of these meetings, particularly in the event of significant lightening of the batteries or life raft.


Measurement meetings can be possible for boats competing in an A level race, after the last official race occurring before the A level race, but only under specific conditions as defined by the Administrative Council.


Every boat must comply with the measurement rules to be eligible to participate in any official event published in the race calendar.


The cost of measurement is € 150 for a boat Classe Mini has never inspected and € 90 for boats already measured but with a modification which requires a new measurement.


A € 20 penalty payment will be applied for each nonconformity point that needs to be re-checked.


It is the skipper’s responsibility to ensure that his or her boat remains completely in conformity with the latest measurement requirements. Penalties will be imposed if the boat does not comply.




The skipper must book an appointment with Classe Mini before a prescheduled measurement session. He or she must be present at the place of measurement and date decided upon with Classe Mini to assist the measurer for all the measurements of the day.


Registration for a session will be valid once paid. An unjustified absence will result in loss of the payment.

The boat must be presented such as defined in article J-15.

Documentation to be provided to the measurer is:

  • documentation showing the distribution of the flotation volume,
  • the ship’s license or equivalent.

Mini Rules - 2015 edition

Download in pdf the 2015 Mini Rules

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