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The board of directors

The board in 2015

President: Stan Maslard
Vice President: Maxime Sallé
Treasurer: David Raison
Secretary: Lucas Montagne

To contact the secretaries or the administrator's council

The board of directors

The administrator's council is made of 11 volunteers, most of them competitors or former competitors.

The subscribers elect them during the General Assembly. With the passing of two years, this council tries to make the minis safer without losing the attractive and innovating side of the boats. To achieve that, rules are modified to answer the questions asked during the General Assembly as well as during the entire year.

The administrator's council contributes to the dynamics of the Classe Mini in France as much as in foreign countries. Every year, the races program is getting more and more important to make a coherent calendar but also to hustle the habits and attract new competitors.

That is why, in 2007, to face a more and more important demand from competitors, the Board of Administrators decided to set up an annual Transat starting the year 2009.

The Classe Mini is above all, the association of all the persons fond of these wonderful little boats who want to share the great surfs, the budget problems, the days waiting for the wind and all the moments of happiness that the Ocean gives us.

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